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Thousands of sunflowers

Have you ever visited a field of sunflowers?

In March this year, I visited a sunflower field outside of Ballarat. It feels so strange that I managed to attend an event with hundreds of people just over 6 months ago. This experience was literally breathtaking - the sunflowers towering above my head, turning their faces in unison towards the sun, a stunning site in the midst of a plain landscape. It was beautiful, calming, inspiring and invigorating ... all at the same time!

So imagine for a minute, if only 12 months on from the first COVID-19 lockdowns, we could have thousands of sunflowers in full bloom across Aintree, Rockbank and Mt Atkinson. What a magnificent site that would be! From the backyards and front yards of homes to sites across the local community.

Just as the sunflower draws its strength from the sun, it will be a reminder for us to turn to one another for strength and support.

To see this vision come true, we need your help.

To have the sunflowers in bloom in March 2021, we need to plant them in November 2020.

We are looking for:

  • Residents who are interested in planting and caring for sunflowers at home

  • Individuals, families and small groups who are connected to a community site and have a place where they would like to grow sunflowers

  • Community groups, faith communities and businesses who are happy to support the distribution of sunflower seeds to the local community

  • Support with caring for some sunflower plots in community settings

  • People to take photographs of the sunflower growing process at home and/ or in the local community.

The road to freedom is bordered with sunflowers

Martin Firrell

Interested in being involved?

Please email to find out more information, to volunteer to help or to register to receive your FREE packet of sunflower seeds. Or visit

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