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Field of sunflowers

Have you ever wandered through a field of sunflowers or unexpectedly come across them growing by the side of the road?

I was lucky enough to visit a field of sunflowers outside of Ballarat earlier this year. It was a really unique experience. For me, the beauty was breathtaking! I loved walking around and through the field of flowers, thoroughly enjoying being outside and part of such a natural landscape. I felt like I could relax in the midst of the flowers.

At the end of the day, I was able to take some of the sunflowers with me to enjoy at home and to share with others who were unable to visit. It was like the sunshine travelled with me, lifting the spirits of those receiving the sunflowers too.

Although it is incredible to see a field or garden of sunflowers, do you know what is even better? Being one of the people who made it happen and brought sunshine to their community. We invite you to plant some sunflowers at home (we will provide you with your own packet of seeds) or you  can get involved in  supporting a larger project in the local community.

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