Find out about Blooming West.

Project Information

Blooming West aims to add colour and life to the local landscape across the Rockbank region by designing, planting, caring for and enjoying the sunflower blooming process as a community. In addition, sunflowers will be the inspiration for further art-based opportunities.


Linking Rockbank is a placed-based community project that was established by Djerriwarrh Health Services in 2017 in response to the emerging challenges of rapid population growth and the associated lagging development of community infrastructure. 

Linking Rockbank has emerged following the earlier efforts and initiatives by the Melton City Council who have engaged with the local community of Rockbank and Aintree (previously part of Rockbank) since 2014. In late 2017, the suburb boundaries changed and largely reduced the size of the suburb. Despite the boundary changes, Linking Rockbank purposefully engages with all relevant stakeholders across “middle Melton” – those aiming to make a difference to the lives of those situated between Melton and Caroline Springs.

Previous and current activities include art projects such as the Rockbank Station mosaic sign and the Mt Atkinson Art Group, social connection opportunities such as free BBQs and a movie night, and increasing connections to the area including exploring the local history and creating a resident pamphlet with links to services.

Partner Information

Djerriwarrh Health Services (DjHS) serves the rapidly expanding population areas of the City of Melton and Moorabool Shire with sites in Bacchus Marsh, Caroline Springs and Melton.


At Edmund Rice Services Mt. Atkinson (ERSMA), we aim to build a connected community by providing opportunities for people that live, learn, work or recreate locally, to come together. We operate out of Mt. Atkinson Community Centre (MACC).


We are seeking to address the mental, social, emotional, and physical health risks of social isolation and loneliness in the suburban Australia with preventative, placed-based approaches. Here in Aintree, we are taking a neighbourhood approach - creating places of connection and belonging for all people, and empowering locals to use their gifts and passions to do the same. Communities thrive when they recognise the abundance of resources and skills that already exist in the places they inhabit.


Woodlea is a community designed for easy living.

Every home is within walking distance of a park, while every park and neighbourhood can be accessed by various scenic walkable routes.